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In order to participate in games and services of Pokerstud.net the Customer has to make a minimum deposit. A minimum and a maximum deposit amounts have been set and can be further looked into under the “Payment methods” section. The Customer can make a deposit at any point in time by using a debit card, e-wallet, prepaid card and/or voucher and through a direct bank transfer. Pokerstud.net does not accept cash cheques. Pokerstud.net reserves the right to not accept certain currencies and/or payment methods due to reasons that shall be kept uninformed.

The Customer agrees that by depositing funds in the player’s account the purpose is to use them to (a) participate in games and services offered by Pokerstud.net (b) to settle any fees, charges or penalties that might incur in connection to these games and services. Pokerstud.net charges deposit fees depending on the payment method chosen. Deposit fees are visible during the deposit process and can be further explored via “Payment methods” section.

The Deposited funds will be available in the Customer’s account after the confirmation of the deposit. The confirmation of deposit may take a varying amount of time. It is the role of Pokerstud.net to make sure funds are available to participate in games and services as fast as possible. Pokerstud.net takes no responsibility for the time it might take to verify the transaction. Pokerstud.net reserves the right to perform security checks before and/or after deposits. If Pokerstud.net mistakenly credits your account with winnings that do not belong to you or do not originate from your own play or usage of services offered by Pokerstud.net the amount credited belongs and is property of Pokerstud.net. Pokerstud.net reserves the right to immediately void any transactions and/or withdrawals made with these funds. If the Customer would withdraw funds like these before Pokerstud.net becomes aware of the error, the mistakenly paid out amount would constitute as debt owed by the Customer to Pokerstud.net. In the event of incorrect winnings paid out to the Customer, it is Customer’s responsibility to immediately contact support of Pokerstud.net by email, phone or chat.

The Customer shall only use payment methods that are issued lawfully and belong to the Customer.

The minimum deposit at Pokerstud.net is INR 50.

Need assistance upon depositing to your Account please let us know, you may call to support line: +1 888-600-6112 or send us your ticket @ support@pokertud.net (24/7)