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For us to initiate an investigation, please contact our Support team with all the relevant details for your deposit. Make sure to provide relevant account history or statements for your payment method showing that the payment was successfully put on your account.

If you deposited more than you intended, please reach out to our Security team as soon as possible with your request for review or consideration. Please be informed that we cannot cancel deposits for any reason other than this.

The money that appears to be missing from your account, is actually not missing. The amount is being held by your bank or card issuer temporarily because it is still pending for approval.

We encourage you to directly contact your bank or card issuer to confirm their authorization hold policy and process for failed internet gaming transactions

If the transaction or transactions shows up to be official or is still debited in your online banking statement (if necessary) for more than 10 business days from the date of the declined process, please contact our Support team.

A number of banks are implementing a policy against online gambling -- thinking of it as too high of a risk. You may contact them in regards to this policy.

We have a lot of free and equally efficient and effective deposit methods. You can visit our “real money pages” to know more.

Note: Internet gambling may be prohibited in the jurisdiction in which you are located; if so, your payment card isn’t allowed to complete this transaction.

  • How do I make a deposit?

  • My funds are missing from an already charged deposit request. What do I do?

  • How do I cancel my deposit?

  • My debit or credit card was rejected but my account was still charged. What do I do?

  • My credit card is being declined. Why and what can I do?


Please send an email with all the relevant details of your inquiry to our Support team, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

We offer a lot of alternatives when it comes to your deposit methods. To see available deposit options, please head to our “real money” pages. From there, you’ll be presented with a list of deposit options available for your country. Once you choose a method, you will get details about the funding method. You can also see all deposits available in your country when you head to “Cashier” and click “Make a Deposit”.

  • I’m having troubles in making a deposit. How do I get assistance?
  • What are my deposit options?


Yes. Depositing through mobile or tablet devices can be done via Mobile Cashier, which is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Please visit the Mobile Cashier page for all the details and full list of payment method options.

  • Can I use my mobile or tablet device to deposit real money?
  • What options can I use with Mobile Cashier?


To request for withdrawal, simply click on the “Cashier”, select “Withdraw” from the necessary currency bank roll, and enter the amount you want to withdraw. Once you’ve clicked on the “Submit” button, you will be routed to another page with details of how your withdrawal will be processed.

You can also login to your account via our website. From the “Account” menu, you can head over to “Cashier”.

Click on our “real money” pages for all the details and information about your withdrawal alternatives. Please keep in mind that restrictions may be applicable as per our policies.

We ask you to provide these information in compliance to the terms of our licensing agreement.

In compliance to local regulations and laws, withdrawal requests of winnings in excess of euro 10, 000 per day are subject of Tax Deducted at Source or TDS.

The minimum withdrawal amount is shown in the “Cashier” page upon choosing the payment method in question. For more details, please contact our Support team.

You are allowed to only have one pending (requested but not processed) withdrawal at any time. Furthermore, you can only have a limited number of withdrawal requests per 24 hour period. These limits will be shown on the right hand side of the screen when you select your withdrawal options.

Direct Bank Transfer withdrawals will be sent for transacting within a 72 hour period. Please give one business day for the funds to reflect on your bank account.

For more details, please use our withdrawal policy for reference.

If your withdrawal request is still not in process, you can cancel it via the “Cashier”. From there, select “Pending Withdrawals” so you could view all your pending requests. If you wish to cancel a pending withdrawal, click on the “Cancel” box and select “Cancel Selected Withdrawals”. If the system isn’t allowing you to do so, it is usually because your withdrawal is under review by our Security team. This will take no longer than a few hours.

Please make sure that you have given enough time (refer to the suggested time frame above) for the amount to appear on your statement. If after this time has passed and you still haven’t received your withdrawal, please contact our Support team. Provide all the relevant and complete information (ie,. Account history or statements) for your payment method, showing that the withdrawal was not received and we will assist you from there.

Common reasons for this:

  • How to request a withdrawal?
  • What are the withdrawal options?
  • Why am I asked for my birth place and citizenship details?
  • Taxes were deducted from my withdrawal amount. Why?
  • What are the withdrawal limits?
  • How often can I withdraw my funds?
  • How long will the processing of withdrawals be?
  • Can I cancel my withdrawal request?
  • I haven’t gotten my withdrawal. What happens next?
  • The amount I can withdraw is less than my total balance. Why?
  • 1. Your total balance has promotions or bonus funds which have not been adequately played through according to promotional wagering requirements (refer to Terms and Conditions for relevant promotions)
  • 2. Latest deposits and / or funds received by transfer from another Star Accounts have not been adequately used to qualify for a withdrawal. For more details, please refer to our Withdrawal Policy or Contact Support.


If the withdrawal account you are offered to in the “Cashier” page is no longer active, you will have to get out Security team to block this account.

To have us quickly handle your request, please email our Security team using your registered email address, with the reason or reasons why the account in question is no longer available to you and or why you wish to block the said account. Please do this before you submit your withdrawal request and be informed that once an account is blocked, you will NOT be able to use that account again in our system.

  • The withdrawal account in which you’re directing my funds to is already inactive or I don’t want to use it anymore. What do I do?


Deposit limits are the maximum amount you can deposit to your account within a specific time. You are shown your deposit limits for each deposit method when you click on the specific option logo at the “Cashier”.

We allow our users to restrict their own real money deposit limits. Of course, limits may not be higher than the ones we’ve set up for your account.

Just head over to “Tools” > “Responsible Gaming” and then click on “Restrict Deposit Limit” (desktop) or “More” > “Settings and Tools” > “Responsible Gaming” (mobile).

  • What are the deposit limits?
  • Am I allowed to restrict my own deposit limits?

How do I increase my purchase cap or remove my self - set deposit limits?

Please use the “Purchase Limit Increase” section of our Security FAQ for further details.

  • What are the deposit limits?


The cashier confirmation email sent to you containing the return also includes the reason of the return. If you want more details please contact our Security team for help.

Please reach out to our Security team with a detailed explanation of why we got returns. We will then get back to you with information and details on making indemnity.

  • Why was my deposit sent back?
  • I want to settle my negative balance. What do I do?


Since we’ve begun our operations, we have done millions of deposits, withdrawals, and transfer processes for all our players. In all cases we have and we’ll still continue to, use valid and safe transaction methods which have long proven to be safe and secure.

Moreover, our user funds and account balances and statements for all our licenses are placed in separate accounts and are not prohibited to be used for operational expenses. This set up guarantees that we can fulfill any financial obligations to our users may the need arise. This also reassures all the users that choose to patronize us -- they are made aware that their funds are safe and secure.

Payment Services department intends to answer all emails within a 3 hour time frame. However, during busy periods, your email may take longer to be reviewed. We answer emails in the order that we receive them; spamming or sending us multiple emails at once will only delay our reply. We kindly appeal to you to extend patience and consideration to us and give us enough time to review and come up with a response as soon as we are able to

Unfortunately, our Payment Service team does not offer telephone support; we highly suggest that you send us an email with complete and relevant details regarding your query to our Support team and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

  • Can you be trusted with my money?
  • How long should we wait for a reply?
  • I need to talk to someone in your Payment Service team. What number should I call?


Need assistance to your Account please let us know, you may call to support line: +1 888-600-6112 or send us your ticket @ support@pokertud.net (24/7)