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Responsible Gaming


www.pokerstud.net wants to ensure that its Clients gamble in a responsible manner.

www.pokerstud.net also acknowledge that gambling can be addictive to some and affect their lives negatively. Since www.pokerstud.net care for the clients, and want online gaming to be an enjoyable experience, www.pokerstud.net offer various measures which can be taken by a User to gamble in a responsible manner.

For those customers who wish to restrict their gambling, we provide voluntary self-exclusion tools, which enable you to close your account or restrict your ability to place bets. If you require any information relating to this facility please contact Customer (responsiblegaming@pokerstud.net). www.pokerstud.net will endeavor to implement your request within a reasonable time period and to ensure compliance with self-exclusion. However the clients accepts that www.pokerstud.net has no responsibility or liability whatsoever if the client continues gambling before client’s request has been implemented or client seeks to use the Website and www.pokerstud.net fails to recognize or determine that. The Client acknowledges that exclusion and limits are set per account, and should the client has accounts on more than one site owned by www.pokerstud.net, the client must set the limits on each account. The client may contact any of the following organizations for consultation and support if the client thinks that he starts spending more money than he can afford, or in case gaming starts interfering with his normal daily routines.

Can I Get Support?

We’re always here to support you with any questions or worries you have, and our customer support agents can assist with setting limits or using any of our onsite tools.





Setting Self-exclusion

lets us know that we need to take all measures to block your access to your account and make sure that you receive no promotional materials. You may also contact our support team at responsiblegaming@pokerstud.net and inform us about your decision to stop gambling at the Website for a certain period of time.